Project details

Objective: This study examined corallivory by the puffer Arothron meleagris on pocilloporid reefs. We aimed to answer: (1) What is the predator’s (A. meleagris) density, feeding behavior and predation pressure on branching pocilloporid colonies (coral prey)? (2) What is the effect of puffer predation on the growth of coral colonies? (3) What is the tolerance of coral colonies to injuries inflicted by the pufferfish? and (4) What is the rate of destruction by puffers in relation to the rate of annual carbonate production by pocilloporid corals?.

Location: Gorgona is. Colombian Pacific Coast 

Time frame:  2011-2012      

Publications so far :

Palacios, M.M. C.G. Muñoz & F.A. Zapata. 2014. Fish corallivory on a pocilloporid reef and experimental coral responses to predation. Coral Reefs 33: 625- 636